Blogtastical Goodness

I read these blogs regularly.

They entertain me. Hopefully they do the same for you.

Color Me Katie - She's a photographer and she's crafty, too. A fellow color lover fo'sho. She'll show you how to put some play in your day!
How About Orange - More crafts and craft related information here and she loves the color orange just like me. :)
Hyperbole and a Half - Funny life stories--with pictures!
KylaRoma - A creative lifestyle and inspiration blog. Kyla is one of the cutest people on Earth, I dare say!
Lacylike - Dedicated to general wellness and happiness.
Little Chief Honeybee - Personal style, DIY projects, blogging information, real life, you name it and Kaelah blogs it!
♥elycia -When not collaborating with other blogs on posts about blogging, personal style, and other tips, Elycia shares things she likes with readers. I like some of the stuff she likes. Go figure
Our Best Bites - It's about food. do I always go to this blog when I'm hungry!?!
The Dainty Squid - Nature lover, photographer, amateur fungi identifier, thrift-er, small business owner, cat lady. Personal style, DIY, and animals are just a few of the things found on Kaylah's blog.
The Fluent Self -  For when you need some destuckification, bigification, and permission to play. She also introduced me to the brain popping practice of Shiva Nata.
Unicorns for Socialism - Alexandra Franzen amps up the awesome on everything she touches. Her blog, a place she stops by and offers nuggets of wisdom on the regular, is somewhere I go when my butt needs some kicking.

Of course I peruse the internet and read others, but these are the blogs that consistently keep me coming back for more.

I put them in alphabetical order. Look at me with my A-B-C skills.