Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Backpost Series: February in Review

This is dated February, but I wrote it in May 2011 as part of my Backpost Series. I took a hiatus from the blog for 3 months in the beginning of 2011. Just sharing what happened while I was away!

February was a busy month. 

But I still found time for a wee bit of recreational shopping...just odds and ends here and there. The octopus ring in the picture below was a pick-up from February and still something that I wear everyday.

Early February Favorites: Raspberry cheesecake cookies and my octopus ring.

In other news...has anyone else try the raspberry cheesecake cookies at their local Subway sandwich chain? I rarely eat at Subway (maybe 3 times a year), but stopped in for lunch one day in early February. What should my wandering eyes fall upon, but this delicious cookie goodness. There was only 1 left. I'm so glad I grabbed it. If you have the chance, try them. Are they still around? I may have to make a stop by a Subway for cookies...

You know what? Forget that. Anybody got a recipe for raspberry cheesecake cookies they want to share?

Sewing for a Purpose

The need was there and my sewing machine (and I) answered.

Don't you love the mushroom fabric?

Fly Me Away

The reason why February was so busy is that I spent the month preparing for, flying to, running around in, and returning from Portland, Oregon.

Good times were had. I made 20 new pals and changed a lot. Talk about a productive trip! Since I started out my trip a bit apprehensive about leaving my kids for the longest period of time since I had them, I'm really glad it turned out as well as it did. And you know what? My family survived just fine without me. :)

Enough about my apprehensions, though! On with the Portland show!

The Lion and the Rose Victorian Bed and Breakfast

I stayed at the Lion and the Rose Victorian Bed and Breakfast. It was a beautiful house with a very friendly staff and a quiet atmosphere. One of my favorite things about it was the walkway up to the front door. Lions flanked the stairway (click the picture above for a larger view). So cool!

My reason for going

I'm a Shivanaut, friends. Not only that, but I went to a training program and became a certified teacher. Part of my certificate is pictured above. This is where I gained my 20 new comrades and new view on things. I'm still figuring the whole thing out, but I'm also very glad that I went!

Portland Zoo!

My camera battery died after the Alaska/Northwestern animal section. So you just get pictures of Alaskan/Northwestern animals here. :) My favorite animal is the sea otter so I always make a point to stop by the sea otter exhibit of all the zoos I go to. Although, I am spoiled and get to see them in the wild, this is the next best thing. The day was drizzly, but I still enjoyed myself.

Hoyt "Trail Hell" Arboretum

I was supposed to meet someone, but got lost at the Hoyt Arboretum instead. Forever more, Hoyt Arboretum will be dubbed "Trail Hell" in my book. I later found out that my traveling companions of 2 stuffed river otters and my purse containing my wallet and bus passes were probably not the best supplies to take on a 200 acre hike in the woods. You would think an Alaskan would know this. And yet, I did not expect to find a forest so close to a major metropolitan area. Oh well, live and learn...

Portland is a beautiful city. I loved it there. I want to go back and explore some more. They have grilled cheese sandwich buses and delicious food, lovely shops of all shapes/varieties, and beautifully mural-ed buildings. No coconut coffee flavoring, but I'd let that go to stay there for a few weeks. Visit if you have a chance.

After getting home from my trip, I spent the end of February getting back into the swing of life after the trip. It's amazing how a change in your schedule can screw you up for weeks! But the trip was so needed and worth it that I am not sorry I went. It's so hard to take time away from the family and work for myself, but it's so necessary. I always forget how much better I function after stuff like this. It's like a reset button--as cliche as that sounds. Everything needs a reset now and again.

So how was your February? :)

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