Sunday, June 5, 2011

ABC's of Me for You!

Elycia, who has a cute little blog and shop that I’ve been spying on for about 6 months now, did a series where she shared 28 things about her in 28 posts (sort of). At the end, she still had things left that she wanted to share so she made a post with the ABC’s of her

So, since this blog is newish and I’m just coming back, I thought it would be fun to play the ABC of me game, too. Here goes…

A. Age: 29
B. Bed size: California King…and yet I always end up with about 18 inches of edge to sleep on…thanks, honey.
C. Chore that you hate: Handwashing dishes. I washed thousands of dishes (no exaggeration there) by hand growing up. My mother fancied herself a gourmet cook and used TONS of dishes doing it. We didn’t get a dishwasher until was in high school. I remember that glorious day… Any how, we had to do so many dishes growing up that both my sister and I have sworn off of doing them unless under extreme duress (or lack of eating utensils) now that we are adults. I can load a mean dishwasher, though.
D. Dogs: Will always have a spot in my home and life. Current dogs are a 7 year old rottweiler named Berry and a 4 year old pit bull terrier named Kitty.
E. Essential start to your day:  Brush teeth, drink caffeinated beverage
F. Favourite color: Orange
G. Gold or Silver: Silver (which is weird because it used to be gold. I don’t remember when that changed…)
H. Height: 5'7" on a tall day
I. Instruments you play: Piano, drums, flute when I was in elementary school. I can kind of read music as an adult, but not really.
J. Job title: Human Resources Coordinator for Student and Temporary Employees. I help the temps and students for the second largest research institute at our local University get employed, paid, and terminated.
K. Kids: I have 2. People keep asking if we’re going to have more and the answer is a firm no. Once they outnumber us, it’s going to be all over. Right now we are at least 2-on-2. I can handle an even match-up.
L. Live: In Fairbanks, Alaska.
M. Mother's name: Is two names squished together. It drives her nuts when people call her by only one of the names, so of course my grandmother (dad’s mom) used to do it all the time. Good times. Good times. Her friends call her Aly.
N. Nicknames: I’m one of those people who seems to acquire a new nickname with each new group of people I become acquainted with. The most consistent one is Jewels, though.
O. Overnight hospital stays: 2 total. 1 for each baby I had. :)
P. Pet peeves: It's not as bad as it looks. I have two (underlined if you don't want to read about why) and I have a lot to say about them... Rude sales associates/customer service reps (it’s your freaking job to be friendly and courteous to customers no matter what kind of day you’re having--and you can’t fool me either, I worked in retail for 8 years. If I can provide friendly, courteous service after being elbows deep in a fish tank that needs cleaning to take the customer across the store to the cat toy section to spend 15 minutes chatting about FiFi’s toy preferences, you can suck it up and ring out my groceries with a half-way friendly demeanor) and people who get rid of their pets for the following reasons 1) A new baby has arrived and we just don’t have time anymore. (BS. Babies grow up. There will be time for the pet again. They’ll wait for you. That’s the cool thing about pets and the whole unconditional love thing.) 2) We’re moving and it’s too hard to find a place that allows a (dog, cat, etc). (Keep looking. You made a commitment to the animal to take care of it FOR IT’S ENTIRE LIFE not just when it’s convenient for you. After the earthquakes and tsunamis in Japan, I saw a picture of a woman holding her dog in the middle of a pile of rubble. No one has an excuse any longer. She can do it, so can you.) 3) They’re old or getting old. (When I was 17, my family adopted a dog who was 13 years old and was left at the pound by her family because she was getting old and was starting to need some extra medical care. She didn’t have cancer or any major illnesses, either. She just needed to be groomed more often and for the infections that she had in her eyes to be medicated. They thought she was deaf, but it turns out she just had matted hair in her ears and could hear just fine when the matted hair was clipped out. Within 2 months, she was a happy, healthy dog and lived for another 3 years with us until she died of old age. She lived with that family from puppyhood to 13 and they left her to rot at the shelter with 3 more good years in her. That’s pretty low, if you ask me. Think twice. Don't take the easy way out. I'm not saying it won't be hard, just that pets deserve our loyalty. They give us theirs, after all.)
Q. Quote from a movie: “Where do thoughts come from? They just appear.” –Empire Records
R. Right or left handed: Right
S. Siblings: 1 sister
T. Time you wake up: 6:30 am on weekdays, 7-8 am on weekends
U. Underwear: Should be changed daily.
V. Vegetable you hate: Most of them. I think it would be easier to ask which vegetables I like. I was always told as a kid that I would learn to like them as an adult. I’m still waiting for that day, guys.
W. What makes you run late: Procrastinating and thinking I can squeeze more things into 10 minutes than is physically possible.
X. X-Rays you've had: Back/Neck (fell off the deck—no breaks!), Leg (fell off my bunkbed—no breaks!), Teeth (for check-ups), and lots more times for my back (I have slight scoliosis-n-old sports injuries-n-junk)
Y. Yummy food that you make: I make all kinds of yummy foods! My favorite dinner to make right now is Mongolian Beef. My husband’s favorite for me to make is biscuits and gravy. I also bake a mean cake and love to play around with different cupcake creations. I grew up cooking and baking with my mom and grandma, so I attribute my food’s yumminess directly to their influence on me at that young age.
Z. Zoo animal: Giraffes and bears. I know they’re big animals, but I’m always surprised at exactly how big they really are in real life. Also, sea otters, but I prefer to see them in the wild over the zoo. I still go visit them at every zoo I go to, though.

And that’s the ABC's of me. If anyone else wants to play, please put a link in the comments section so I can see yours, too! :)

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  1. You are so funny! and crafty! wish we lived in the same town so we could hang out and do crafts.. much love girl..
    Terra :)