Monday, August 15, 2011

Sewing for Kindergarten

My daughter is going to kindergarten.

My daughter is going to kindergarten.

Okay, I'm recovered from the shock of writing that sentence.

But seriously, how is she 5 already? Sheesh. People aren't kidding when they say time flies!

Moving on...

She's super excited and I know she'll do great. She's the most excited to meet new friends. She is really good with other kids and makes a new friend where ever she goes, so I'm sure school will be no different.

I'm the most excited to pack her lunches. My friends assure me that this will pass and soon I will dread lunch making, but I'm still looking forward to it. I was a hot lunch buyer for 95% of my elementary school years, so maybe this has something to do with the drive to make her lunches for her.

My dad worked up north on the pipeline for 8 weeks on the job and 2 weeks off, so my mom was pretty much a full time working single mom. She didn't have time to pack lunches. I do not fault her in any way, shape, or form! But it did make this something that is important to me to do for my daughter since I am in a different situation than my mom was.

The 5% of the time that I had a home packed lunch were the days that we stayed the night at my grandparents' house. My Grandma would always pack our lunch and put a little note wishing us well hidden somewhere amongst the fruit, veggies, and sandwich bags. I still have one of her notes in one of my momento boxes. :) I hope it means as much to my kids as it did to me.

Any how, enough with the blah blah and on to the projects!

All this lunch talk has a point. It gave me an excuse to make some napkins and snack sacks for my daughter's lunch box.

For the napkins, I cut 8 inch x 8 inch squares and used a tutorial from Skip to My Lou for making mitered corners for the napkins. You can't really see them in the pictures, but those corners turned out quite nicely...if I do say so myself!

For the snack sacks, I hand embroidered her first name on the front and made a simple zippered pouch. It's just big enough to fit a medium sized apple or just enough snacks for a kindergartner's hungry-for-a-snack stomach.

I'd say we're all set for the big day!

Are you doing anything to get ready for school? Any back to school projects? Share them! I'd love to see!

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