Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Got 30 minutes? Let's make a Custom Camera Strap Cover!

I fancy myself to be an amateur photographer.

I love my camera, the Canon Rebel XTi, but the strap that came with it? Not so much.

It's a black strap with CANON EOS DIGITAL embroidered on it in white thread and it's just not my style. I am more of a color person, you know? And as much as I love my camera, I'd rather tell you why rather than be branded by their company logo. It's just a personal preference, really.

So I pulled my trusty old sewing machine and some long scraps of fabric out and commenced the sewing!

The project is really easy and takes about 30 minutes to cut, pin, press, sew, turn out, and press again.

The end result is this!

Picture taken with my cell phone...you know, because I was wearing the camera for the picture...

Isn't that better? I certainly think so.

Actually, I was so pleased with the result that I made 5 more.

Not all of the straps are pictured here. Fooled you!

Here's how I made them:

Step 1)  Choose your fabric, measure to double the width of your camera strap plus 1/2 inch (you could just do 1/4 inch seam allowances, but I prefer the extra wiggle room) and the same length as the camera strap plus 1 inch (for 1/2 inch seam allowances on the ends).

You know, I have a tape measure somewhere...I'm going to have to start using it. It would make tutorials a whole lot easier to write! :)

Step 2)  Lay the cut fabric on a flat surface. Fold the ends over and sew to create finished seams on the ends of the camera strap. Be mindful of your stitches and/or use a fancy stitch for this because these seams will be the most visible on your finished project.

Step 3)  Line up the long ends of the camera strap and pin together. I like to pin long pieces like this even when they're straight because it's one less thing to have to pay attention to when I'm sewing. Sew along the long edge of the strap.

Step 4)  Press upon the finished seam along the long edge. You don't have to, but I found that the seams laid down more predictably when I pressed them before turning the strap right side out.

Step 5)  Turn the camera strap right side out. Press the finished project flat. Put onto your camera and enjoy!

I found that making the strap covers just a touch longer than the camera straps they are going on made for a nice fit once the strap was being worn. If you make the cover exact, then it could slip a little bit and leave one end of the strap exposed. Not a big deal, but could annoy others the way it annoyed me at first. Just trying to help where I can!

I've seen some cool variations on camera strap covers. You could add a pocket to hold a memory card or spare battery pack. Or you could add some ribbon or fringe to the edges and make something really fancy! Seriously, this is the most basic of the patterns you will find. Have fun with this and share your ideas with me when you're done!

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