Saturday, April 2, 2011

Backpost Series: April in Review

This is dated April, but I wrote it in May 2011 as part of my Backpost Series. I took a hiatus from the blog for 3 months in the beginning of 2011. Just sharing what happened while I was away!

These are my new Chucks and I love them.

I don't really think anymore needs to be said about that. Pretty self explanatory, right? Well, other than that they are awesome. Everyone should have some colorful shoes, I say.

Easter Egg Hunt!

My mom always invites us over for an egg hunt and food on Easter. You can count on Mom (and company) for fun and good food. We usually hunt the eggs first. Since the kids are still pretty young (2 and 4), we hide the eggs pretty much out in the open. My daughter told me that "the Easter bunny isn't very good at hiding things." I think we're going to have to step it up next year...

See that egg my daughter is picking up in the picture below? It was bigger than her head. And there was more than one of them. Craziness. No child needs that much candy.

Are you reading this, Mom!?! Let me repeat this just in case you missed it.

No child needs that much candy. Ever.


Oh! And, yes, that's snow on the ground. The weather was kind of warm, but...yeah, it's interior Alaska. Keep reading this blog and you will learn to expect snow in April like I do.

Other Events in April

We also celebrated my husband's birthday. It was pretty relaxed. We're kind of turning into boring adults now. Kids have a way of doing that to you. So does having a job that you have to get up early for and arrive to on time. Talk about party pooping. He did get to travel south for one last round of snowboarding at Alyeska. So I don't really feel toooooo bad for him and his old person party...

Aaaaannnnddd our family went to our first indoor professional football game. Go Fairbanks Grizzlies!!

How was April for you?

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