Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Letter to the Blog (and it's Readers)


How’ve you been, my dear blog?

I’m so sorry I missed your birthday… It was an important day. That was really rotten of me. Here, I brought you some cupcakes. Can we have a talk?


Aw, come on…I know you’re upset and you should be.

But, you also love cupcakes…



*quiet munching noises*

I wanted to tell you that I’ve been making things and every time I do, I think of you.

We need to fix our little relationship here, don’t you agree? This tend to you every few months thing just isn’t working. It’s making you sad. It’s making me sad. This is supposed to be our happy place!

You should know that I’m different now from when I started you. No worries, I still love mushrooms and ninjas. It’s just that some things have shifted inside of me—patterns are constantly being made and remade and I think differently now.

I want to share more than just DIY projects and crafts now. I want to share more about me and the things that I love. I want to become part of the online community of crafters and handmade lovers across the world. I want you to be a part of that.

So, let’s do a little experiment, shall we?

For the next month, I’m going to follow a loose blogging schedule. I’ve made up a list of things—both crafty and not—that I want to write about. I’ve even started a few of the blog posts already. For the next month, I’m going to just write about what I want to write about. But don't worry! I'll fill you in on what I did while I was gone with some back posts for the months of February, March, and April (one per month). I’m also going to give you a little makeover. Maybe a new banner and layout? I know this is all very fast. We can talk about that part later. :)

So, there will still be posts about ninjas and mushrooms and about making ninja and mushroom related crafts. There will just be more stuff, too.

Want to try it out with me?

Much love,



  1. Rainbow cupcakes! No way! Share the recipe.

  2. Here's a post I made on rainbow cake:

    You gave me a good idea for a blog post, though. I'll make a cupcake specific post on Friday. I learned a couple of little tricks along the way that I'd like to share. :)