Sunday, April 18, 2010

Photo silhouettes and other goodies from this week

I made a couple more mushrooms and started the purple ninja for my friend this weekend. Sorry, no pictures yet. They will come soon enough.

So since I don't have pictures of many projects that I've done this weekend, I thought I'd mix in some cool things that I've come across this week.

First, here's a project that I did this weekend. It has changed a little bit since I took the pictures, but I wanted to share.

Inspired in part by Katie Sokoler at Color Me Katie (again!), I cut out some pictures of my family and taped them to our front door. Here is a close up of me:

The kids:
And what kind of show and tell would this be if I didn't share the whole window of the door?:

Now some things from my week...

Let's see, on Monday, I captured the elusive Super Keys.

To our right, you will notice an excerpt from a note that I left for my husband this week. What can I say? I love him...

...And I'm a little bit dorky...but it works for us.

On our left, we have a stamp from a letter that I received on Friday. It's Maggie Simpson! I'm impressed that the post office didn't stamp it. They must have known how awesome this stamp is or something.

That is what I made in my free time this week! How about you?

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