Friday, March 26, 2010

What do you do when you have a sick kiddo?

Why, you stay home and decorate your boring DVD case with colorful hearts, of course!

Thank you, Katie Sokoler from Color Me Katie, for the fabulous idea! Anyone that needs a pick me up should head over to her blog and flickr photostream. This woman is the epitome of happiness and her work shows it. She has so many fantastic ideas and reminds us to stop and notice the colorful world around us.

Here is our rendition of her colorful hearts.

We started with this:

A boring white cabinet next to a boring white wall.

So I cut out some hearts for our poor, boring cabinet.

We wanted to make sure we only picked the best, most fun hearts of the bunch.

So I had my sick kiddo test them out.

Once we found the best and most fun of the hearts, we stuck them to the cabinet.

There. That's much better.

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