Sunday, August 1, 2010

Wreck This Weekend: Post Three

More Wreck This Weekend Mini Series you say?

You're right. I agree.

I think this weekend could use some wrecking. So let's do this.

July 18th
This one made my mouth tired. If you try this, hold the pens/markers in your teeth. Way easier than using just your lips.

July 19th
Writing the same word over and over again is amazingly therapeutic

July 20th
Things found around my house

July 21st
Another exercise in which I learn what a journal tastes like...

July 22nd
My first urge was to just scribble all over the whole page, but then this occurred to me. I think I like this better than scribbles.

July 23rd
I'm so happy I managed to get my favorite color a page to itself. :)

July 24th
Office supplies really can be artistic!! I was doubtful at first.

Hidden secret messages and ninjas seem to go together. Plus, I like ninjas.

The hidden message, unhidden.

And those are my wrecked pages from week three with this journal. What have you been wrecking this weekend? Journaling? Crafting?

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