Sunday, July 4, 2010

Born on the Fourth of July

You will have to excuse me for a moment while I wish my dog a happy birthday...

Happy Birthday, Berry Fairy!

I'm really glad you dove into my lap all those years ago. Did you know that I had come to visit for a completely different reason? Even if you were 50 pounds of rottie pup muscle that knocked the wind out of me for a second, it ingrained you in my memory. It made me call her back and ask about you. I wasn't looking for a dog, but you found me anyway.

Hugs for Berry

Thank you for being so patient and loving with my kids--even when they accidentally poke you in the eye, pull your ear, or step on you. Thank you for helping me to train an unruly black and white puppy with all of her excitement and pointy teeth. You were here first but you accepted them because we asked you to. Thank you.

Thanks for putting up with my ever changing ideas about dog training. Thanks for letting me dress you up for holidays and take pictures. Thanks for keeping my toes warm with your big squishy head. Thanks for being a big goof ball just when I start taking myself too seriously.

Oh, and of course, thanks for this:
Has it really been 2 years since then?

It's been 6 fantastic years and I hope we get 10 more.

Happy birthday, you big galoot!


Happy Independence Day to everybody else!

Be safe and have fun today!

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