Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More fun with Shrink-a-Dinks

As the title suggests, I pulled out the Shrink-a-Dinks again tonight.

Made a couple of things that are destined to be magnets and key chains for the most part.

The main reason for this post is to show that you actually can mold the Shrink-a-dink plastic. If you look closely at the picture, one of the trinkets is twisted. I think that one will make a cool little pendant.

I played around for about an hour tonight to create these and a few other things. The longest part of this process is drawing stuff out on the plastic. Baking takes like 30 seconds once the oven has warmed up.

A new tip I would like to share is to bake your creations in batches. And make sure the pieces in each batch are of similar sizes. This will ensure you don't over cook anything. I think I came close tonight...and it was smelly...avoid over cooking at all costs.

Made in my free time: Imagine what you can do in yours!! :)

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