Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Two mushrooms and a bracelet

Since I bought some new colors of yarn recently, I decided to make a couple of funky colored mushrooms.

I know, I know. I finally got my crochet hook back so I should be working on the mushroom bag. Well, I am. But I get bored of working on the same thing for hours and hours on end. Especially when the stitch I'm using is not the most exciting...

So when I get bored while working on one of my bigger projects, I make a small mushroom. They only take about an hour from start to finish which makes for a nice, quick gratifying project. It's almost like it resets my mindset to keep the boredom at bay.

As long as it helps me to complete the big projects so they don't just sit in the WIP bag forever, I think it's a handy method. We'll call it the distraction technique. As in you are distracting yourself with a small project.

I also made a bracelet using some prefabricated stuff I picked up from the craft store. But I couldn't pass up the snake clasp and with my love for snakes I had to throw a heart on there, too.

It's nice and light and goes well with the new necklace that I bought from Lisa Leonard Designs. For those of you that haven't seen Lisa's work, take a look around the website. My necklace is perfect and makes me want to buy more of her stuff. Seriously.

So that's what I've made in my free time recently. What have you made in yours?

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